COM 351: What is news? News vs. features

Discussion points:

  • What is news?
  • News vs. features
  • Changing nature of news
  • Importance of social networking, beat blogging
  • The convergence of print, broadcast and online media

Traditional elements of a news story, according to James Glen Stovall, author of Writing for the Mass Media

  • Impact
  • Timeliness
  • Prominence
  • Proximity
  • Conflict
  • The bizarre or unusual
  • Currency or buzz factor

Discussion points:

  • The concept of news – and how we deliver it – is changing.
  • The audience is increasingly fragmented, distracted and rushed.
  • Speed is important for journalists filing stories online and for print, but so is accuracy and credibility.

Assume the role of a media critic

  • Is the media doing a good job covering the news? What news stories are left uncovered?
  • What you do differently? What would you write about?
  • Where would you find your stories? Who would talk to?
  • What publications do you follow?

Link: Selected newspapers and websites

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