Portfolio resources

There are a ton of resources on the Web that can help you build a portfolio. Below are some links to get you started. (Download PDF of this Portfolio resources tipsheet)

Journalists must build a personal brand: 10 tips – by Mindy McAdams. She writes:

  • People in your field should know who you are.
  • Someone who Googles your first and last name should be able to find out who you are.
  • Your online self-representation should demonstrate that you are a serious, ethical journalist.

Other links:
5 Free Sites to Help Journalists Build an Online Portfolio
Kitchen tips: Journalism students’ digital portfolios
Eaton’s Cuttings site.
About Me
How to Create a Portfolio – detailed page giving tips for print and online portfolios.
eHow: How to Organize a Portfolio of Writing Clips – suggests the old-fashioned method: organizing clips in a three-ring binder. The writer says:

Choose your best writing samples to include in the portfolio. Also, choose a variety of types of writing–news articles, feature articles, press releases, brochures and more–to show your versatility as a writer.

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