Getting the most out of Google

I have begun to list some of the Google tools and links that journalists find especially useful. Please send in your ideas. Thanks!

Google Zeitgeist – See patterns and trends using data from billions of searches. Included in Zeitgeist:

  • Google Insights for Search – Type in topics that you write about to learn search patterns by date and region.
  • Google Trends – Easily compare search terms of your choice over time.
  • Hot Trends – See the 100 fastest rising searches in the U.S.
  • Trends for websites – See traffic data for websites of your choice.
  • Google Reader – Automatically scans your favorite blogs and news sites for new content.

2 thoughts on “Getting the most out of Google

  1. 烏勇 Wu Yong

    You might want to add Google Reader to that list: it’s a good way to keep track of other articles being posted – especially for correspondents who are only interested in news from one particular country or region. Instead of wasting time keeping track of dozens of newspapers, you can get all the news relating to you field as soon as it’s published.


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