Blogs and Internet: Yoani Sanchez

Below are links to stories and video about Cuban blogger Yoani Sanchez, whose blog is called Generacion Y.

Yoani Sanchez Wikipedia entry
The 2008 Time 100
Barack Obama answers letter – and questions – from Yoani Sanchez
YouTube video of Yoani Sanchez talking about nomination of the Internet to receive Nobel Prize
YouTube video – debate sobre Internet en Cuba (in Spanish)
YouTube video – una pregunta de Yoani Sanchez a Mariela Castro
YouTube video – Yoani Sánchez en muletas por la golpiza
YouTube video – Restricción del acceso a Internet para cubanos en el hotel Melia Cohíba
YouTube video – Mitin de repudio en La Habana contra Reinaldo Escobar, esposo de Yoani Sánchez
YouTube – Secuestro – parte 1 (sound only, no video)
Yoani Sanchez profile – as she writes it
Yoani Sanchez denied permission to leave Cuba to receive Cabot award
Along the Malecon: Behind the scenes at Generacion Y
Along the Malecon: When Reinaldo was more famous than his wife
Along the Malecon: Yoani Sanchez & Digital Revolt

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