Bloggers & cyber-dissidents

Screenshot from picidae website, which shows users how to set up servers that can be used to break through firewalls

Below are assorted links about blogs, bloggers, Internet freedom and cyber-dissidents

Picidae – a server that allows users to break through firewalls used to restrict Internet content.

An early cyber-dissident

  • Bongo Doit Partir – Dr. Daniel Mengara, a Gabonese exile in New Jersey, started a website in 1988 urging a revolt against Omar Bongo in Gabon.

Egyptian awareness (in Arabic) – blog that reveals abuse, torture and corruption in Egypt.
Egyptian awareness – same website, translated into English by Google

Shi Tao, 37 – journalist and head of the news division at Dangdai Shangbao, or Contemporary Business News, in Changsha, Hunan province. Criticized the Chinese government for the detention of an activist for the Tiananmen Mothers, which was organized after killings that occurred during the crackdown on the 1989 democracy movement. Yahoo! gave his email information to the Chinese government, which allowed authorities to arrest him and sentence him to 10 years in jail. His release date is set for Nov. 23, 2014.

Bridging the gaps
Global Voices – encouraging “bridge bloggers,” those who can link people of different languages and cultures. The website touts itself as:

…a community of more than 300 bloggers and translators around the world who work together to bring you reports from blogs and citizen media everywhere, with emphasis on voices that are not ordinarily heard in international mainstream media.

Volunteers translate Global Voices reports into more than 30 languages.

Reporters without Borders: Handbook for bloggers and cyber-dissidents (download PDF)

Hillary Clinton, Feb. 15, 2011, speech: Internet Rights and Wrongs: Choices & Challenges in a Networked World.

New Nations – “Creates new Internet addresses (ccTLD) for unacknowledged groups such as the Tibetans, the Kurds, the Tamils, the Uigurs, the Sahrauis and others. ”

Web 2.0 vs. Control 2.0 – a Reporters without Borders article

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