COM 208: Midterm review

Links to material we’ve discussed in class:

COM 208: Introduction
COM 208: Digital revolution. Did you know?
COM 208: Tosh, Colbert & Co.
COM 208: Google

COM 208: iPhones & other gadgets
COM 208: Privacy vs. Publicness
COM 208: YouTube
COM 208: TV
COM 208: Hollywood blockbusters
COM 208: Pulitzer vs. Hearst: the Yellow Journalism Era

Links to other topics we’ve touched on in class:

Citizen, crowd-sourced and community-funded journalism
Bloggers & cyber-dissidents

Notes on textbook material:

COM 208: Media & Culture textbook – chapter 1
COM 208: Media & Culture – chapters 2 through 8
COM 208: Hollywood Goes to High School

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