COM 208: Final review

Discussion notes and links to material to review for final exam are below:

Twitter Revolutions

Twitter discussion:

    • Jack Dorsey created Twitter in 2006. His first Tweet, March 21, 2006: just setting up my twttr.
    • The ultimate in self-centeredness or a network of knowledge?
    • Pear Analytics’ August 2009 study said 40 percent of what’s on Twitter was “pointless babble”

Source: Pear Analytics Twitter study, August 2009

  • You don’t have to Tweet to get some value from Twitter
  • Twitter received a Nobel Prize nomination for its role in getting the word out after the disputed elections in Iran in 2009.
  • Facebook offered to buy Twitter for $500 million. Twitter declined.
  • One thing that makes Twitter unlike Facebook: Strangers follow you, not necessarily friends.
  • The Strength of Weak Ties,” an influential sociology paper by Mark Granovetter. Article on how it applies to Twitter: You’re more likely to learn new information from strangers.
  • Twitter for Business. Southwest Airlines uses Twitter for customer service. The Los Angeles Fire Department tweets fire alarms.
  • SMS: Short message service
  • 175 registered users as of Sept. 2010. Current estimate: about 200 million.
  • 95 million Tweets per day
  • 800,000 search queries per day.
  • Twitter is useful for people who want to follow the news. See sites showing journalists on Twitter: Muck Rack
  • Media people using Twitter
  • Twitter is also useful for following trends. See Twitterfall
  • Jan. 22, 2010: First Tweet from space. The Tweet came from the International Space Station. See #NASA_Astronauts. Astronaut TwitPic challenge: Find that dam.
  • Twitter has 300 employees. Based in San Francisco. Employee benefits include catered breakfast and lunch.

Cuba discussion:



Discussion: Impact of the Internet on development.

  • Economic impact of Internet: $1.4 trillion
  • Open-source software: $387 billion

Use of the Internet and networks to raise awareness of global problems

Discussion: Power of networks and information

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