Creativity in parking

Finders keepers

Some creative soul found a parking place where there was none behind Thompson Hall at Flagler College.
The driver evidently saw the yellow concrete parking stop and figured this was a pretty good spot, even though now the lane is now almost entirely blocked.
In Introduction to Mass Communication class today, I used this unusual parking job as an example of failing to keep in mind the big picture. It’s a lesson we can apply to the mass media, too.
We are studying ways that digital technology and the Internet have disrupted legacy media, including TV, radio, newspapers, magazines and more. Media consumers are now creators. The cost of entry in media has dropped to practically zero. And all this has a huge impact on traditional media.
It may be useful to consider an even larger picture. What impact does digital technology and the Internet have on the U.S. economy? Some analysts argue that a restructuring of the economy is underway, and that there’s more at work than just a disruption of traditional media organizations.
That makes sense. Consider the impact of Amazon and eBay on big-box retail business. As Jeff Jarvis argues, transparency lowers price and increases competition.
In class, we also discussed:

  • TV networks’ coverage of Hurricane Irene,
  • The impact of citizen journalists, and
  • Websites such as Qik that allow live streaming of video.

Student John Sgromolo used my iPhone to interview four students. The videos posted automatically to Qik and to my Facebook page. They are horizontal when they should be vertical because I told John to hold the phone the wrong way, but you get the idea…
Before class ended, we also watched the latest video from Shane Dawson and talked about the making of YouTube stars.


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