Notes and links for discussion in today’s Photojournalism class.

Photographer Joao Silva. Source of photo: Gawker

Joao Silva: “This Is What I Do. This Is All That I Know.”

Silva’s website

National Press Photographers Association

Student Clip Contest

College Photographer of the Year. Entry deadline: 11:59 pm Central Time, Wednesday Sept. 28, 2011.

Winning images

Best of Photojournalism 2011

Photojournalism links

Photo by Steve McCurry. Source: National Geographic

Steve McCurry, National Geographic
According to National Geographic:

His career was launched when, disguised in native garb, he crossed the Pakistan border into rebel-controlled Afghanistan just before the Russian invasion. When he emerged, he had rolls of film sewn into his clothes and images that would be published around the world as among the first to show the conflict there.
A high point in McCurry’s career was the rediscovery of the previously unidentified Afghan refugee girl that many have described as the most recognizable photograph in the world today.

The Afghan refugee: Sharbat Gula
McCurry’s blog
McCurry’s website

Victims of Gang Violence
Barbara Davidson, winner of Pulitzer Prize for photos on gun violence in Los Angeles
International festival of photojournalism

Pictures of the Year International
Living with the dead

Donald Reynolds Journalism Institute

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