My pet llama: Experimenting with exposure

All nine photos of my llama were properly exposed, according to my Canon Rebel T1i’s exposure meter. But each photo was shot on a different setting.

Which photo works the best and why? What is the difference between the photos?

In the first seven photos, I gradually adjusted the f-stop, starting with f-5.6, which allowed a lot of light to enter the camera. I kept changing the aperture until I reached f-32, which let only a tiny bit of light in.
As the f-stop changed and the size of the aperture decreased, there was less light to expose the picture. So I had to increase the shutter speed, going from 1/6 seconds in the first photo to five seconds in the seventh picture.
Now those are all really show shutter speeds, but I was shooting inside my office where there wasn’t much light and I was using an ISO of 100 because I didn’t want grainy photos.
I put the camera on a tripod so there wouldn’t be any movement in the photos.
The eighth picture was shot using an ISO of 1600. The photo didn’t turn out as grainy and pixelated as I thought it would, but I still prefer the shots taken at ISO 100.
The ninth picture was shot on full auto and the flash went off automatically.
I like the first of the nine photos best because the llama is isolated and the background blurry. The sharper the background, the more distracting it is.
My least favorite photo is the one shot on full auto. The flash washes out the face of the llama, removing detail and texture. It’s clear that the camera doesn’t always know best, so it’s important to learn when to override automatic settings to get the best photo.

Exposure settings –
The first seven pictures all had ISO setting of 100. Here are shutter speeds and f-stops:

Top three, left to right –
1/6 sec, f-5.6
1/4 sec, f-6.3
1/4 sec, f-7.1

Middle three
4/5 sec, f-13
1.6 sec, f-18
2 sec, f-20

Bottom three
5 sec, f-32
1/3 sec, f-32 and ISO 1600
1/60 sec, f-5.6 (flash photo on full auto)

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