COM 307: Magazine article presentations

Schedule of magazine article presentations
Magazine Writing – COM 307
(download sign-up sheet)
Oct. 10 – Articles #1 through #4
Oct. 24 – Articles #5 through #8
Oct. 26 – Articles #9 through #12
Oct. 31 – Articles #13 through #16
Nov. 9 – Articles #17 through #20
Nov. 14 – Articles #21 through #24
Nov. 21 – Articles #25 through #27

Articles #1 through #22 are in the book, “The Best in American Magazine Writing 2010”
Articles #23 through #27 are online (see links below)

Goal of the presentation:
Try to ‘reverse engineer’ the story. Explore how it was put together, how it fits together structurally, what you think of the lead and the nut graf, what you learned from the story, what you think of the writing and the reporting.
Focus more on the writing than on the content, although I’m interested in any thoughts you might have on the content. But I’d like you to look at the story from the point of view of a fellow writer.
No PowerPoint presentations or other visual displays are necessary, but you are welcome to present your thoughts in any way you’d like.
Sample story: Four years after war’s end, Mayans unable to rise above devastation

Best in American Magazine Writing

1. Deadly Choices, p. 3
2. Still Life, p. 45
3. Crime of Destiny, p. 69
4. Last Abortion Doctor, p. 99
5. Cost Conundrum, p. 129
6. Death in Texas, p. 155
7. Vanish, p. 185
8. Out West, p. 215
9. Theocracy and Its Discontents, p. 231
10. Lead Us Not Into Debt, p. 239
11. Bacon: The Other White Heat, p. 247
12. In Defense of Tourism, p. 251
13. Excerpts from For and Against Foreskin, p. 257
14. There’s a Sucker Born, p. 277
15. War Games, p. 285
16. Suburban Ghetto, p. 291
17. Obituary Columns, p. 309
18. Top Ten State Fair Joys, p. 319
19. The Man Who Never Was, p. 327
20. Trial by Fire, p. 359
21. Raw Water, p. 409
22. And Yet…, p. 445

Links to articles #23 through #27 are below:

23. The Guantanamo Suicides
For us, surrender is out of the question

24. Is Yemen the Next Afghanistan?
The Suicide Catcher

25. Covert Operations
The Man the White House Wakes Up To

26. The Wrong Man
Joan Rivers always knew she was funny

27. The Runaway General

Source of links: The Association of Magazine Media

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