September Feature Photo Hunt

Students must find their photos within the boundaries of the map, above

Today’s assignment in Photojournalism class at Flagler College will take students to the streets of St. Augustine.
Their task will be to find a feature picture. Students should strive for images that:

  • Contain a human interest or news element.
  • Help tell a story.
  • Are visually appealing.

Photo captions must contain precise street location and a quote from at least one person in the photograph.
The assignment is not to photograph static, unmoving objects. People must be in the photos, as shown in the examples on this page. Students must identify subjects by name, age, occupation and town.
Make sure to let photograph subjects know that the photo will appear online for the world to see.
For examples of feature photos, see winners of the National Press Photographers Association Monthly News Clip Contest.

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