All we need now are handcuffs

A mock perp walk. Photo by Phil Sunkel

Student photojournalists at Flagler College tested their reflexes during a mock perp walk held on Sept. 15 outside the school’s Communication Department building.
The assignment was challenging because 1) students had only 10 or 15 seconds to get their shot, 2) the wall behind the subjects was brightly lit by the sun, making it more challenging to find the right exposure, and 3) the photographers had to shoot from behind an imaginary barrier and weren’t allowed to approach their subjects.
A list of the student photographers’ blogs is here. Phil Sunkel and Sarah Williamson each did a great job capturing the moment. I am posting their photos here. Let me know if you see any other photos from the perp walk that you like.

All white by Josh Santos

I liked the honesty in Josh Santos’ post, entitled, “How Not to Take a Perp Walk Photo.”
His photo – at left – showed nothing but white.
He explained:

I took the photo, but my exposure held for the entire walk, so all I got was light. By the time the picture finished taking itself the perp had walked into the building. This is a case of camera setting-confusion-overload, so it is always important to have the settings prepared on time before trying to take a picture of the perp.

Perp, by the way, stands for perpetrator. And perp walks are an American tradition, according to Time magazine. But the perp walk of former International Monetary Fund chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn in May 2011 created an uproar in France and have led to calls end to perp walks, the magazine reported.

Photo by Sarah Williamson

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