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An old Compaq Presario computer sat broken in my garage for almost five years until this weekend when I gave it the boot, selling it on eBay.
The quick sale got me thinking about whether I ought to unload some other forgotten items, like my Nikon D70.
So I dragged out the 7-year-old Nikon and started shooting pictures with it.
I quickly decided that I can’t part with it.

The 24,869th shot on my Nikon D70

The Nikon is solid and sturdy compared to my Canon EOS Rebel T1i. It has the feel of a real camera, one that can take a beating and keep on clicking. Maybe that’s why I like it. Or maybe it’s because I remember the places I went with that camera and the stories I covered in Cuba and other places.
I eventually abandoned the Nikon brand and switched to Canon after the D70 locked up several times while I was on assignment. I had to send the camera to Nikon for repairs three times. Dust had fouled the digital sensor, Nikon told me.
Nowadays, both Canon and Nikon have cameras that automatically clean the sensors.

Shot with the Canon Rebel

I can’t complain about my Canon. At least the camera has never failed to fire when I hit the shutter.
But I just might go back to Nikon the next time I buy a camera. Until then, I’ll use the D70 from time to time.
It’s still in decent shape and has only 24,869 shutter actuations, according to
The D70 probably won’t die until it passes at least the 47,000 mark, according to this database of shutter actuations. So eBay can’t have it – at least not yet.

Rated Shutter Life for Canon EOS models
Camera Shutter Life Database

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