Journalist: “Ideas are having sex with each other”

Pill cam. Photo credit: BBC

A gastroenterologist and a guided-missile designer have a conversation. Result: the pill cam.

Matt Ridley. Photo:

This underscores the power of sharing, of “ideas having sex with each other,” according to journalist Matt Ridley. He writes:

Trade is to culture as sex is to biology. Exchange makes change collective and cumulative. It becomes possible to draw upon inventions made throughout society, not just in your neighborhood.

Jeff Jarvis quotes Ridley in his new book, “Public Parts: How Sharing in the Digital Age Improves the Way We Work and Live.”
The ability to share digital content on a massive scale has disrupted traditional media companies, including television, writes Jarvis, a former TV critic.
Networks – the middlemen, the distributors of digital content – are becoming less and less important in television, he says. The audience has the power now. Jarvis wrote:

Listen, people, TV should be simple. It will be simple, damnit: We want to watch the shows we want to watch whenever and wherever we want to watch them. We’ll watch ads with them or we’ll pay for them. We won’t give a damn whether we watch them on a channel or on a web site or in an app or via Facebook; via a TV or a computer or a phone or a tablet; streaming from the cloud or from our hard drive; found via search or friends’ recommendations on Facebook or Twitter. Channels that stop us from watching them [Fox, are you listening?] are hastening their own deaths. Stars, producers, and studios will, like water, find their way around you as will we, the viewers. You middlemen are doomed. It’s only a matter of time.

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