Student photographer: “Glamour is dead”

Model Margaret Wallis poses for photographer Sarah Annay.

Sarah Annay has taken fabulous pictures all semester in the Communication Department’s Photojournalism’s class at Flagler College.
The last assignment was a fashion shoot. Sarah took some wonderful photos of model Margaret Wallis and then wrote a powerful message:

This is a tribute
To all women who have lost themselves or their lives due to the act of modeling
For those women who constantly felt the pressures of society screaming at them to be “picture perfect”
For those that felt trapped
Abused their bodies and often felt useless as an artist who was constantly starving
This is for those women who have lost their lives because they couldn’t find the strength to leave this image
Will you find the strength?

Congratulation to Sarah for her fine work, which you can see on her blog, Historic City Happenings.

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