The power of networks

Today in Intro to Mass Communication we’re talking about networking. Discussion notes and links to material are below:

Facebook Causes – more than 22 million monthly active users
Top Five Facebook Causes – based on money generated
YouTube’s Non-Profit Program

Survival International
Uncontacted Tribes (3:34 min.)

The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee
Real-time Elecam

Micro-philanthropy and social actions


    • Jack Dorsey created Twitter in 2006. His first Tweet, March 21, 2006: just setting up my twttr.
    • Pear Analytics’ August 2009 study said 40 percent of what’s on Twitter was “pointless babble”

Source: Pear Analytics Twitter study, August 2009

  • You don’t have to Tweet to get some value from Twitter
  • Twitter received a Nobel Prize nomination for its role in getting the word out after the disputed elections in Iran in 2009.
  • Facebook offered to buy Twitter for $500 million. Twitter declined.
  • One thing that makes Twitter unlike Facebook: Strangers follow you, not necessarily friends.
  • The Strength of Weak Ties,” an influential sociology paper by Mark Granovetter. Article on how it applies to Twitter: You’re more likely to learn new information from strangers.
  • Twitter for Business. Southwest Airlines uses Twitter for customer service. The Los Angeles Fire Department tweets fire alarms.
  • SMS: Short message service
  • 175 million registered users as of Sept. 2010. Current estimate? The numbers are unclear, this writer complains.
  • 95 million Tweets per day
  • 800,000 search queries per day.
  • Twitter is useful for people who want to follow the news. See sites showing journalists on Twitter: Muck Rack
  • Media people using Twitter
  • Twitter is also useful for following trends. See Twitterfall
  • Jan. 22, 2010: First Tweet from space. The Tweet came from the International Space Station. See #NASA_Astronauts. Astronaut TwitPic challenge: Find that dam.
  • Twitter has 300 employees. Based in San Francisco. Employee benefits include catered breakfast and lunch.

Klout “Our friendships and professional connections have moved online, making influence measurable for the first time in history. When you recommend, share, and create content you impact others.”

Use of the Internet and networks to raise awareness of global problems

Power of networks and information


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