Mission: Media at Flagler College

On Feb. 11, journalism students at Flagler College took St. Augustine middle schoolers on a reporting trip. They went to the St. Augustine Alligator Farm Zoological Park, a favorite Florida tourist attraction.
The students were taking part in a project known as Mission: Media, aimed at showing young people what it’s like to be a reporter for a day. The middle schoolers also got the opportunity to meet students who attend Flagler College and learn about careers and academic life.
Helena Särkiö, a professor at Flagler College, created Mission: Media. It is a project of the student chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists, or SPJ.
Särkiö said the participating students are members of the St. Augustine Boys & Girls Club.

2 thoughts on “Mission: Media at Flagler College

  1. Jennifer Tesori

    Thank you for making our Boys & Girls Club kids feel so special and exposing them to Flagler college, career options and great role models. I hope that your students took away as much as the BGC students did. If your students have not already submitted this story to the local and Jacksonville media then I would like to request permission to do so. Please contact me directly at jstesori@gmail.com or jennifert@bgcnf.org, I am the Community Liaison for St. Augustine, THE PLAYERS Championship Boys & Girls Club.
    Kindest Regards, Jennifer

    1. maninhavana Post author

      Feel free to submit the story. If there’s anything I can do to help, please let me know.
      I will also respond to your email address above.
      Best, Tracey Eaton


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