Round 1: Portfolio reviews

College seniors defended their portfolios today before an audience of faculty and students in the Communication Department at Flagler College in St. Augustine, Fla.
Most of the students expressed interest in jobs related to public relations, advertising and journalism. Those taking part in the first of two rounds were:

Kamayla Hooten, Meredith Rhein, Katie Chubin, Frank Mahoney, Beth McElhinny, Christine Young, Kimmie Nahm, Aleisa Miller, Kayleigh Hayes, Angela Daidone, Keith Hayes, Elin Karlsson, Alison Como, Ariel Jaramillo, Chris Ryan, Keith Whtezel, Cassandra Kapelson, Carolyn Adams, Martina Marcuccilli, Vanessa Swain, Kylynn Pelkey, Alex Galbraith, Nick Cardoso, James Bonus, Mari Pothier and Adam Hunt.

Also shown on this page are faculty members Dr. Helena Särkiö, Dr. James Pickett, Dr. Tracy Halcomb and Ms. Rosemary Tutt. All teach in the Communication Department.

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