Reporting challenge

Run, run, run

Students in News & Feature Reporting class at Flagler College will hit the streets of St. Augustine, Fla., in search of their next story.
The challenge will be to find a news story in a specific section of the city – defined by the three maps below.
Maps A, B and C will be assigned at random. Students should be able to defend their stories as newsworthy. Among the traditional qualities of a news story, according to the book, “Writing and Reporting News” by Carole Rich:

  • Timeliness: An event happening now or in the immediate future.
  • Proximity: An event happening in or near St. Augustine.
  • Offbeat or unusual: Bizarre events or people doing unusual things.
  • Human interest: Stories of people with exceptional experiences or achievements.
  • Conflict: Confrontations among people, or people vs. an institution, company, government, etc.
  • Impact: How a regional, national or international story might affect residents in St. Augustine.
  • Helpfulness: A story that helps readers with consumer, health and other issues.
  • Celebrities: Stories of entertainers, musicians, athletes and others who have gained fame or notoriety.
  • Entertainment: Stories that are funny, inspiring or enlightening.
  • Issues or problems: Stories about crime, racism, immigration, poverty and other issues.
  • Trends: Stories that illustrate shifts in opinion or behavior.

Stories should be at least 400 words long and cite three human sources. Due date: Sept. 27.

Map A

Map B

Map C

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