Social media contest

Screenshot of top five profiles so far

The winner of the 2nd My Flagler Five Social Media Contest will win $50 – cold cash, ready to spend, no questions asked. Free money for pizza, Red Bull and more. And if you can’t decide how to spend your windfall, check out this website, showing “The World’s Most Useless Products.”
My favorite is the Tiddy Bear, above, which keeps that nasty old seat belt from tearing into your skin. But I digress…
Second prize in the social media contest wins a $25 gift certificate. And third prize, well, who knows – Reese’s peanut butter cups might do the trick.
The My Flagler Five page that gets the highest number of hits wins. Here are the top five pages so far, based on Oct. 11 site statistics:

Mary Keegan won the 1st My Flagler Five Social Media contest. Her page had 467 hits.

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