When mass media and social networks collide

Screenshot of Bluefin Labs graphic

Today in Introduction to Mass Communication, we’re going to talk about:

  • Social networks
  • Social TV analytics
  • TV Genome

Analysis of social networking reaction to Super Bowl

Alan Wurtzel, president of Research and Media Development at NBCUniversal, said:

If you can’t measure it, you can’t sell it. To be useful, Social TV analytics has to encompass data from both TV programs and TV commercials.

Some of the things that Bluefin Labs says it does for network television companies:

  • Analyze social TV commentary to see which episodes, plotlines, and characters are resonating with your audience
  • Listen to and engage directly with fans of your shows
  • Track engagement across social platforms and segment by gender, lifestyle, and brand affinities

Deb Roy: The science behind it (20 minutes)

  • Audience response to mass media
  • Connecting mass media and what people are saying
  • Real-time sense of social reactions
  • Ability to collect and connect dots between what people are saying and the context
  • See social structure that wasn’t previously seen
  • Like building a new microscope
  • Profound implications for science, government, commerce

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