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Final exam review

Below are links to material we have discussed since the mid-term exam in Introduction to Mass Communication. Notes from many of the discussions are pulled together in this PDF.

The final exam is scheduled for 8 a.m. Wednesday Dec. 5.

News gathering: Man (and Woman) vs. Machine

Columbia Journalism School this month released a report called “Post-Industrial Journalism: Adapting to the Present” (download PDF here).

One passage discussed computer-driven news gathering. The report stated:

Self-evident as it is, journalists can be much more efficient than machines at obtaining and disseminating certain types of information. Access and “exclusivity” or “ownership” of a story is created through interviewing people. Making phone calls to the White House or the school board, showing up at meetings and being receptive to feedback, sharing views and expressing doubt all make news more of the “drama” that James Carey identified as central to the concept of a newspaper. These very personal and human activities mark journalism as a form of information performance rather than simply a dissemination of facts. Continue reading