Those amazing crowds

riotsToday in Intro to Mass Communication we’re going to talk about crowdsourcing. Wikipedia – itself a crowdsourcing site – has a useful list of sites that rely on the power and wisdom of the crowd. Some of those on the list – and a few others – include:

  • Tomnod – examining satellite images for lost tomb of Genghis Khan and other treasures
  • Riot2011 – looking for suspects in Vancouver hockey riots of 2011
  • LetterRep – writing letters for pay
  • Open Innovation – get paid to find ideas and solutions to tricky problems and challenges
  • BlueServo – help U.S. agents spot drug smugglers, human traffickers and illegal border crossers
  • IARPA – intelligence research – help U.S. intelligent agents defeat their enemies
  • Student Base Camp – stores that offer student discounts
  • iStock Photo – millions of stock photos for as little as $1 each
  • Cerberus – play games, win prizes while creating satellite maps
  • AdTriboo – make logos, videos and other creative projects
  • Galaxy Zoo – help classify galaxies

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