End It

Lia Dalpini

Lia Dalpini

When Lia Dalpini showed up in my Intro to Mass Communication class on Wednesday wearing a cardboard sign that said, “End It,” I wasn’t quite sure what to make of it.
End class?
Stop talking?
Quit giving final exams?
Dalpini explained that she was taking part in a campaign to end modern-day slavery. I asked her to tell the class about it. She said as many as 27 million people in the world are considered modern-day slaves. That means they are victims of human trafficking, forced labor, forced marriage, domestic servitude or child labor. Some people are even trafficked so that profiteers can steal their organs.
See more about the End It campaign here.
The End It events at Flagler College were held Tuesday and Wednesday. They lasted 27 hours – an hour for every million people thought to be held in modern-day slavery.
Below are photos I shot Wednesday. See more pictures here.



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