Flagler College graduation photos

More than 400 students graduated today from Flagler College in St. Augustine, Fla. Below is a sample of the photos I shot at the event. To see more, go to the photo albums, which contain more than 700 images.

Album 1
Album 2
Album 3
Album 4
Album 5
Album 6
1-0859-IMG_8109 1-0860-IMG_8110 1-0879-IMG_8129 1-0885-IMG_8135 1-0891-IMG_8141 1-0893-IMG_8143 1-0907-IMG_8157 1-0930-IMG_8180 1-0933-IMG_8183 1-0934-IMG_8184 1-0940-IMG_8190 1-0965-IMG_8215 1-0982-IMG_8232 1-0996-IMG_8246 1-0999-IMG_8249 1-1000-IMG_8250 1-1004-IMG_8254 1-1008-IMG_8258 1-1026-IMG_8276 1-1052-IMG_8302 1-1057-IMG_8307 1-1066-IMG_8316 1-1073-IMG_8323
1-0734-IMG_7984 1-IMG_7503 1-0825-IMG_8075 1-0828-IMG_8078 1-0848-IMG_8098 1-0778-IMG_8028 1-0809-IMG_8059 1-0814-IMG_8064 1-0817-IMG_8067
1-1139-IMG_8389 1-1147-IMG_8397 1-1204-IMG_8454 1-1205-IMG_8455 1-1211-IMG_8461 1-1235-IMG_8485 1-1284-IMG_8534 1-1298-IMG_8548 1-1324-IMG_8574 1-1340-IMG_8590 1-1361-IMG_8611 1-1371-IMG_8621 1-1383-IMG_8633 1-1389-IMG_8639 1-1395-IMG_8645 1-1413-IMG_8663 1-IMG_7610 1-IMG_7656 1-IMG_7658
1-IMG_7959 1-IMG_7960
1-IMG_7667 1-IMG_7674 1-IMG_7725 1-IMG_7737 1-IMG_7772 1-IMG_7777 1-IMG_7823 1-IMG_7825 1-IMG_7833 1-IMG_7843 1-IMG_7900 1-IMG_7943 1-IMG_7951

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