Diplomat: Israel gets a bum rap in the media


Ambassador Gideon Meir heads the public affairs directorate at Israel’s Foreign Ministry.


Meir gave examples of media bias against Israel during a Nov. 15 presentation at Flagler College. In one instance, the New York Times published a photograph of an Israeli policeman and bloodied man described as a Palestinian. A reader in Chicago called to complain about the photo caption, saying, “This is not a Palestinian. This is my son.”
The man, Meir explained, was actually a Jewish student who had been rescued by Jewish authorities after a mob tried to lynch him.
“So we complained. The New York Times printed an apology. Guess what page it was on? Page 29.”
Israel contends with these sorts of mistakes and distortions in the media “day in and day out,” the diplomat said.


Meir also complained that some cartoonists compare Israeli soldiers to Nazis. It’s an example of the victims becoming the victimizers, he said.

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