Wisdom of the crowd

Kyle MacDonald

Kyle MacDonald

Today in Intro to Media we’re going to talk about crowdsourcing. The tale of One Red Paperclip is one of my favorite crowdsourcing stories. See video to learn how Kyle MacDonald used crowdsourcing to transform his life.

Another great crowdsourcing site is Kickstarter, which has funded more than 128,000 projects. See top successes here.

Here’s a fun one: 10,000 drawings of sheep, all sent in by the crowd.

Yet another creative use of crowdsourcing: The Guardian newspaper asked the public to sort through 20,000 receipts of public officials.

Another example from Great Britain: Internet users partially decoded 20 coded index cards that a woman wrote just weeks before a brain tumor killed her.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2544394/Can-crack-code-Web-users-help-decipher-messages-written-cancer-stricken-woman-death-family-failed-solve-20-years.html#ixzz2rEtM89hC
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Wikipedia – itself a crowdsourcing site – has a massive list of sites that rely on the power and wisdom of the crowd. Some of those on the list – and a few others – include:

  • Tomnod – examining satellite images for lost tomb of Genghis Khan and other treasures
  • Riot2011 – looking for suspects in Vancouver hockey riots of 2011
  • LetterRep – writing letters for pay
  • Open Innovation – get paid to find ideas and solutions to tricky problems and challenges
  • BlueServo – help U.S. agents spot drug smugglers, human traffickers and illegal border crossers (site is no longer active)
  • IARPA – intelligence research – help U.S. intelligence agents defeat their enemies
  • Student Base Camp – stores that offer student discounts
  • iStock Photo – millions of stock photos for as little as $1 each
  • Cerberus – play games, win prizes while creating satellite maps
  • AdTriboo – make logos, videos and other creative projects
  • Galaxy Zoo – help classify galaxies

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