How to post articles

Below are steps for posting articles to the Cuna Street News. (See list of tutorials and related posts).

  1. Sign in to the Cuna Street News and create a new post.
  2. The upper right corner of the window shows two views: Visual and Text. The Text side shows HTML coding. Use the Text side when cutting and pasting articles to the site. If you use the Visual side, you may transfer an unwanted font to your
  3. Read your story. Correct any mistakes you see. Seek out an editing partner in class who will also review your story.
  4. Add a headline to your post. Keep it short – generally six words or less.
  5. Add tags. These are keywords that will help search engines identify your story. Do not select more than 10 keywords.
  6. Resize any photos to be inserted into the copy. Picasa is among the useful tools for resizing photos. You can download Picasa to your computer if you don’t already have it. Photos should be 1,600 x 846 pixels wide.
  7. Inserted photos should be set to large or medium size in WordPress.
  8. Add captions and credits to your photos.
  9. Leave the format to Standard unless you upload a horizontal Featured Photo (see Resizing feature photos).featured
  10. Select a single category that best fits your story. Choose the Featured category as well if you uploaded a Featured photo. Do not select Featured if you did not upload a horizontal Feature Photo whose width is roughly double the height.
  11. If you’d like to create a photo gallery to go along with your article, create the gallery in a separate post. See tutorial.
  12. Click Save Draft and await editor’s approval for publication.

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