Gravatars, avatars and profiles

This is a tutorial for Cuna Street News contributors. (See list of tutorials and related posts).


If you have uploaded a profile photo to Gravatar at some point in the past using your Flagler College email address, then your photo should automatically appear above your byline. But if you don’t already have a free Gravatar account linked to your Flagler address, you won’t see your smiling face on the website and you’ll have to create a new account. It’s easy and free.


Go here to sign up for Gravatar.


Make sure to use your Flagler College email address. Activate your account.


You’ll see a faceless icon in the top right corner of your page. Click there to adjust settings.


Upload a professional looking portrait – no party pictures, no cropped photos showing the appendages of your significant others.



After you’ve done that, look to see how your name will appear on the website. Use your real first and last name instead of nicknames or website-generated names like Author, Subscriber or Admin.



Add a few lines to the About You section so readers get a sense of who you are.


Finally, add social networking links. These will appear on your posts.


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