How to create photo galleries


This is a tutorial for Cuna Street News contributors. (See list of tutorials and related posts).





Note: If you’d like to be even more exacting, I believe that the window size that will display the photo measures 1,024 x 540. If you upload a photo that is 1,600 pixels wide, which should give you acceptable resolution, then the photo size would be 1,600 x 846.



Tip: You can begin adding captions at this point, but it’s easier to add them after you create the gallery and arrange the order of the photos.


Photos must be selected before you can create the gallery.


Arrange the photos in a logical order. Add captions.


Replace photo file names like the one above (dsc_0401) with reader-friendly titles like the one below.



The website looks better without that odd photo or two hanging on to the end of the gallery. So if you are going to have a three-column gallery, for instance, use a total of six, nine, 12 or 15 photos.



Do not choose the Image format unless you have a strong Feature Photo – that’s the photo that will run across the top of your gallery. Use horizontal photos only. The website automatically forces square or vertical photos to fit the horizontal space, which causes distortion.


See post on resizing Feature photos here.

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