I am a journalist and teacher. Media Jungle contains syllabi, resources and information for my students at Flagler College.
My goal is to help students explore and understand our media world, which has become something of a jungle.
The media landscape has changed dramatically in recent years. Traditional media organizations – from newspapers to broadcast television – have lost ground. Most people turn to the Web for news and information nowadays.
Our lives revolve around around computers and hand-devices – mobile phones, iPads and more.
Google helps us find our way. Facebook connects us. YouTube entertains. Twitter gets the word out.
Media and digital technology offer opportunity and promise, adventure and entertainment, education and enlightenment.
But it can be a jungle out there. The media landscape continues to shift. Technology changes constantly. Millions of new websites and blogs pop up every week. Information overload is a burden and a threat. Resources for watchdog journalism are dwindling. Media literacy is more important then ever.
My goal is to help students find their way through it as we learn, together, how to thrive in the media jungle.
Media Jungle is open to anyone, anywhere, 24 hours a day. Think of it an “electronic filing cabinet,” a term I’m borrowing from a very useful journalism website called JProf.
I welcome your feedback and ideas.

Disclaimer: This website is primarily a teaching aid. It is not an official Flagler College website.

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