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COM 405: International Communication – Exam notes

Below are notes and links to help you prepare for next week’s exam.

Topics covered will include:

Kony 2012. How did the Kony 2012 campaign work out? Who organized it? What were they seeking? What are some of the criticism of Kony 2012? See Visible Children.

Bloggers. The role of bloggers and other activists in authoritarian nations. Example: Yoani Sanchez in Cuba. Who is Yoani Sanchez? What has she accomplished? What are some of the things she has done to challenge the Cuban government. See link here. Also see highlights of Bloggers Handbook, here.

Causes. How can the Internet be used to promote international causes and raise awareness? Websites we saw in class include: Cost of WarShareableSee Click FixUshahidi and Survival.

Technology. The role of technology in shaping how we communicate, build networks and share news and other information. Websites we examined in class include Webby Awards and Knight News Challenge.

Twitter revolutions. See link here. Pay particular attention to Dictatorships to Democracy, Gene Sharp’s guide to political revolt. What are some of the non-violent techniques citizens can use to cause political change?

Press freedom. See link here. What countries are most dangerous for journalists? What websites contain information about the killings of journalists around the world?

St. Johns County demographics

I was curious about the demographic makeup of St. Johns County, so I checked the website of the U.S. Census Bureau. This image, above, shows race and population information in 2010. See information on Hispanics or Latinos after the jump. Continue reading