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Robot roaches, mini satellites and more

Kyle MacDonald

Kyle MacDonald

Today in Intro to Media we’re going to talk about crowdsourcing. The tale of One Red Paperclip is one of my favorite crowdsourcing stories. See video to learn how Kyle MacDonald used crowdsourcing to transform his life.

Other examples we’ll talk about include: No More Woof, the Pebble smartwatch, Roboroach, ArduSat, the GiveDirectly app and Crowdsourced Star Wars Remakes



Kickstarter is a great crowdsourcing site and has funded thousands of projects. See top successes here.

Here’s a fun one: 10,000 drawings of sheep, all sent in by the crowd.

Yet another creative use of crowdsourcing: The Guardian newspaper asked the public to sort through 20,000 receipts of public officials.

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In a blink

tweetsIn just one second, Internet users unleash:

  • 8,490 Tweets
  • 1,706 Instagram photos
  • 1,723 Tumblr posts

That is an estimate from Internet Live Stats.
Also in one second, the website says, Internet users:

  • Transmit 25,559 gigabytes of information
  • Carry out 47,346 Google searches
  • Watch 95,236 YouTube videos
  • Send 2,367,870 emails.