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Former Hollywood producer visits Flagler College

David Kirkpatrick on Thursday spoke to students at Flagler College in St. Augustine, Fla. His credentials are impressive. An email announcing his visit said:

Mr. Kirkpatrick was formerly President of the Motion Picture Group of Paramount Pictures as well as President of Production of both Walt Disney Pictures and Touchstone Pictures. He was involved with films that have grossed over $10 billion dollars in worldwide box office. They include memorable pictures such as Terms Of Endearment, Forrest Gump, Honey I Shrunk The Kids, Ghost, Pretty Woman as well as the highly successful franchises of Indiana Jones, Star Trek, The Jack Ryan/Tom Clancy movies, Friday the 13th, Beverly Hills Cop, Wayne’s World, and the first eight Eddie Murphy comedies. He has won both an Emmy and a Golden Globe award as a producer.

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Hollywood movie assignment

Your Hollywood assignment – due March 30 – is to watch a movie that is aimed at a young audience (ages 14 to 21) and write a review about it.
If the idea of writing a movie review  is a scary thought, just think of Ryan the Movie Critic, a teen-ager who has written more than 200 movie reviews since June 2007. Continue reading