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Chronicle drew an audience on Super Sunday

Scene from Chronicle. Photo: Box Office Mojo

Today in Introduction to Mass Communication we’re going to be talking about Hollywood hits.

Chronicle was in the top spot going into Super Bowl weekend, according to Box Office Mojo. See trailer.
The No. 2 movie was “Women in Black,” a horror thriller.
Ray Subers of Box Office Mojo says this weekend

marked the first time in history that two movies opened above $20 million against the Super Bowl.

Box-office bombs

In Introduction to Mass Communication class at Flagler College, we discussed box-office bombs on Sept. 23, 2011, and again on Feb. 8, 2012.
Notes from our discussion are below:

Box Office Bombs

Xyzzyx Road (Xyzzyx rhymes with Issac’s)
• Produced in 2006. Opened in only one theater. Highland Village Park Theater in Dallas, Texas.
• Producers rented theater for $1,000
• Movie ran for six days. Only six people went to see it. They paid $5 each. But the director refunded $10 to a make-up artist and her friend. So the total domestic gross was only $20!
• The movie’s budget was reported to be at least $1.2 million. So it lost 99.9985 percent of its production costs.
• Xyxxyx was released internationally – in 23 countries – and did much better, earning $368,000 by the end of 2006. But it was a huge domestic bomb. Continue reading