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Radio and Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston performs on "Good Morning, America" in 2009. Photo: Wikipedia

Today in Introduction to Mass Communication, we are going to talk about the radio industry and music. See notes for discussion here.
Whitney Houston, whose voice was heard for many years on radio stations across America, was found dead in a bathtub at her Beverly Hills hotel on Sunday, a day before the Grammy Awards were presented.
Whitney’s most famous song was “I Will Always Love You,” originally recorded by Dolly Parton.

Popular music and radio

The singer Pink. Photo credit:

Today in Intro to Mass Communication class we’ll talk about radio and popular music.

Discussion questions, some of them from Chapter 7 of Baran’s Introduction to Mass Communication textbook, are below.

1. There are 14,420 broadcast radio stations in the U.S. – 4,790 AM stations, 6,479 FM, and 3,151 non-commercial FM. The most popular radio formats are rock, country, rap/hip-hop, pop, religious, children’s, classical and jazz.
What are your favorite radio formats and why? Continue reading