A photographer’s amazing experience with a sea lion
MSNBC: The Week in Pictures
Magnum Photos
The Cut
In Focus: The Atlantic
Working Photographer
The Online Photographer
Shooting from the Hip, Scott Strazzante, Chicago Tribune
Damn Cool Pics
PPA Today
The Big Picture
Photographs of the Famous and Infamous
Open Eye Photography Blog
The Hotdog Blog
Getty Images Blog
America reCycled
Black Star Rising
burn magazine
The Frame
Joshua A. Bickel
The Travel Photographer
Photojournalism links
Mercury News Photo
Confessions of a Photographer
Damon Winter – won Pulitzer Prize for feature photography in 2009. His camera: an iPhone camera.

Trends in fashion photography
Top fashion photographers of all times
Best examples of fashion photography
Best fashion photography on Flickr
Examples of modeling poses
My Top 10 Fashion Photographers
Top fashion photographers
Melissa Rodwell Fashion Photography
Melissa Rodwell: Defining a style
Open Source Photo Shoot
Fashion Copious
Style Bubble
Zack Arias Photo
The Sartorialist
YouTube: Jackthreads lifestyle shoot
YouTube: How to handle hands
YouTube: Jason Christopher
YouTube: High Fashion Desert Photo Shoot
YouTube: Photoshop Tutorial: Quick High-End Fashion Portrait Retouching
Chase Jarvis Live
Chase Jarvis – About
500 images

Tim Flach
How to create planets
Photo illustrations:
James Porto

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