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Highlights of Bloggers handbook

Below are highlights of the Reporters without Borders’ “Handbook for Bloggers and Cyber-dissidents” (download 81-page PDF)
Clothilde Le Coz, Internet Freedom desk, Reporters without Borders

Bloggers cause anxiety. Governments are wary of these men and women, who are posting news, without being professional journalists. Worse, bloggers sometimes raise sensitive issues which the media, now known as “traditional”, do not dare cover. Blogs have in some countries become a source of news in their own right.
…blogs are a fantastic tool for freedom of expression. They have unloosed the tongues of ordinary citizens. People who were until now only consumers of news have become players in a new form of journalism, a “grassroots” journalism… Continue reading

Blogs and Internet: Yoani Sanchez

Below are links to stories and video about Cuban blogger Yoani Sanchez, whose blog is called Generacion Y.

Yoani Sanchez Wikipedia entry
The 2008 Time 100
Barack Obama answers letter – and questions – from Yoani Sanchez Continue reading