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Refugee tales: Follow that bus!

Nhial Kou

Nhial Kou fled Sudan after planes bombed his village. He made his way from Africa to Jacksonville and shared an apartment with another refugee. They found jobs and rode the bus to work. But they soon grew tired of using a pilfered shopping cart to shuttle their groceries from Winn-Dixie to their home.
They decided to get a car. That solved the groceries problem, but they didn’t know Jacksonville well enough to drive to work.
Suddenly, they had an idea: Why not just follow the bus? It would lead them to work.
Said Kou:

We waited for the bus and followed it. The bus moved forward, we moved forward. The bus stopped, we stopped. But the bus driver called the police.

An officer pulled over the refugees’ car and went through the routine: License, registration, proof of insurance.
The driver handed it over. Finally the officer asked:

What are you guys doing? The bus driver called the police because you were following him. Continue reading