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Reporting challenge

Run, run, run

Students in News & Feature Reporting class at Flagler College will hit the streets of St. Augustine, Fla., in search of their next story.
The challenge will be to find a news story in a specific section of the city – defined by the three maps below.
Maps A, B and C will be assigned at random. Students should be able to defend their stories as newsworthy. Among the traditional qualities of a news story, according to the book, “Writing and Reporting News” by Carole Rich:

  • Timeliness: An event happening now or in the immediate future.
  • Proximity: An event happening in or near St. Augustine.
  • Offbeat or unusual: Bizarre events or people doing unusual things.
  • Human interest: Stories of people with exceptional experiences or achievements.
  • Conflict: Confrontations among people, or people vs. an institution, company, government, etc.
  • Impact: How a regional, national or international story might affect residents in St. Augustine.
  • Helpfulness: A story that helps readers with consumer, health and other issues.
  • Celebrities: Stories of entertainers, musicians, athletes and others who have gained fame or notoriety.
  • Entertainment: Stories that are funny, inspiring or enlightening.
  • Issues or problems: Stories about crime, racism, immigration, poverty and other issues.
  • Trends: Stories that illustrate shifts in opinion or behavior.

Stories should be at least 400 words long and cite three human sources. Due date: Sept. 27.

Map A

Map B

Map C

Beat presentations, profiles, interviewing and 9/11

Beat presentation schedule

Today in News & Feature Reporting class, we’re talking about profiles, interviewing and the Sept. 11 attacks.


From a blog post by Andrew Rosenthal of the New York Times:

Does Mitt Romney Deserve Credit for Bin Laden’s Death?
The obvious answer to the question in the headline is no, he doesn’t. But Public Policy Polling has a new survey suggesting that six percent of Ohioans, and 15 percent of Ohio Republicans, think Mitt Romney “deserves more credit” for the killing of Osama bin Laden than Barack Obama.

Also from the New York Times: Portraits of Grief, which was part of the newspaper’s 2002 Pulitzer Prize-winning coverage of the Sept. 11 attacks.

Profile writing suggestions are below:

Profiles – A profile isn’t a biography. It isn’t a recounting of a person’s work history. It’s a story about some interesting aspect of a person’s life. I suggest you try to find someone who will make an interesting profile who you might be able to contact later for future stories. The idea is to try to use this profile assignment as a building block of sorts in digging deeper into the topic or issue of your choice. Continue reading