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Checkpoint: Third week in the semester

It is already the third week of the semester at Flagler College. Some of the topics we’ve covered in Introduction to Mass Communication class include:

  • Television, radio, movies, video games, magazines, online content and other media is pervasive and has a huge impact on our lives. We Americans spend 60 percent of our waking hours consuming media content. See notes.
  • Digital technology and the Internet have triggered a seismic shift in mass media. See Did You Know 4.0.
  • The American economy may be experiencing what Jeff Jarvis calls “a Great Restructuring.” See notes.
  • The impact of Google on our lives. See notes.
  • Today we’ll be talking about books in the Internet age. See notes.

COM 208: Digital Revolution. Did you know?


  • Review Google profiles
  • Digital revolution. Impact of digital technology, Internet on mass media, other industries.
  • In March 2009, Jeff Jarvis said we’re experiencing a “Great Restructuring:”

It’s not a great depression, neither is it a great recession we’re going through now. This morning, The New York Times finally realized that what we’re experiencing is more than a financial crisis: “Job Losses Hint at Vast Remaking of Economy.” Well, yes, if hints were sledgehammers. …what we’re living through is instead a great restructuring of the economy and society, starting with a fundamental change in our relationships – how we are linked and intertwined and how we act, nothing less than that.

Check out this transcript, below, of a remarkable video, “Did you know?” version 4.0:

A surge of new technologies and social media innovations are altering the media landscape.
Convergence is everywhere. It is easier than ever before to reach a large audience, but harder than ever to really connect with it.
These changes are affecting the way people behave. Are you ready for the future?
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