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Journalist: “Ideas are having sex with each other”

Pill cam. Photo credit: BBC

A gastroenterologist and a guided-missile designer have a conversation. Result: the pill cam.

Matt Ridley. Photo: Skeptic.com

This underscores the power of sharing, of “ideas having sex with each other,” according to journalist Matt Ridley. He writes:

Trade is to culture as sex is to biology. Exchange makes change collective and cumulative. It becomes possible to draw upon inventions made throughout society, not just in your neighborhood. Continue reading

COM 208: Privacy vs. publicness

Privacy vs. publicness
Many people are increasingly concerned about privacy at a time when it’s easier than ever to pry into people’s lives and publish information about them on the Internet

The morning after

It looks like this young man may have been partying. Would he have done the same thing if he had known his picture might wind up on the Internet? Continue reading