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Sweat more in training

Communication Week at Flagler College ended Thursday. The photos are from two of panels, one about film, the other featuring Flagler College alumni who returned to give students tips on finding work after graduation.
Speakers on both panels gave students a dose of reality, telling them they aren’t entitled to a job just because they have a degree and will likely have to work their tails off to find employment.
This is something that we professors tell students all the time, but the message seems to carry more weight when told by recent graduates and others who are in the field fighting it out in TV, film, journalism and public relations.
The college’s Communication Department hosts Communication Week every spring. Speakers and panelists inspire, entertain and enlighten students. And many also give students a badly needed reality check, a reminder that jobs are scarce and college graduates are plentiful.
Students with best chances of finding the jobs they want are the ones who are working hard now, learning, asking questions, asking for help, going outside their comfort zone, networking and making contacts.
I tell students that getting ready for the working world is kind of like training for war. And school is training. I tell them:

Sweat more in training. Bleed less in war.

Google Plus takes on Facebook

Susan Mayes Ostrander. Photo: the Daily Muse

Google Plus was opened to everyone this week after a 12-week trial period. The social networking platform, with its hangouts, circles and instant uploads, hopes to challenge Facebook, which has more than 750 million active users.
It’s too early to say how things will shake out, but already Google Plus has 25 million members.
Google Plus is the fastest growing social network of its kind, according to Susan Mayes Ostrander, head of social media at the Daily Muse. It is yet another way for people to spread their digital footprint across the Internet. Continue reading