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A life in newspapers


An anti-drug agent hikes up a steep hillside during a poppy-eradication mission in Mexico.

Today in Intro to Mass Communication we are going to talk about newspapers, which turns out to be one of the least favorite topics among students I’ve surveyed.

We’ll also look at America’s greatest newspaper rivalry: William Randolph Hearst vs. Joseph Pulitzer.

I grew up around newspapers and, yes, I even had a paper route. I delivered the Cedar Falls Record in Iowa.

Later I worked as a newspaper reporter and editor for 24 years and so, unlike my students, I am an unabashed supporter of newspapers. Continue reading

COM 208: Pulitzer vs. Hearst: Yellow Journalism Era

America’s greatest newspaper rivalry: William Randolph Hearst versus Joseph Pulitzer

Why Hearst and Pulitzer matter

  • The two publishers helped transform American newspapers, making them a product of mass consumption
  • The time was right. Americans were leaving farms and settling into factories in the cities.
  • They had more leisure time and money. They had electricity. They had time to read newspapers at night. They wanted to be entertained. Continue reading