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Revisiting Kony 2012

Today in Intro to Media we’re going to talk about Kony 2012, touted as the most watched human rights video of all time.

For discussion:

Naked meltdown: Jason Russell, the man behind Kony 2012, freaks out on a San Diego street corner. He later explained in this video:

My mind betrayed me and I was hospitalized. If you’re put in the position to give answers to every question a dozen times over, your mind starts to lose track of where you are, if you’ve slept, who’s for you, who’s against you.


Oprah’s interview with Russell:
Oprah Asked KONY 2012 Creator Jason Russell If He’s Gay Because He Was Running in the Streets Nude Continue reading

Kony 2012: “Human rights on steroids”

Kony t-shirts sell for $10

Today in Introduction to Mass Communication, we’re going to talk about Kony 2012, social networking and media literacy.
Kony 2012 was the most watched human rights documentary of all time. According to a blog called Digital Marketing, we can learn four lessons from the Kony 2012’s social media campaign:

  1. Know your audience and where they are online: Invisible Children targeted young people savvy on social mediums.
  2. Use key influential to carry your brand message: Invisible Children called millions to target change makers, culture makers and policy makers identified.
  3. Get your audience moving: A clear call to action and interactive social media campaign kept people engaged and momentum going.
  4. Beware of the pitfalls: It can be difficult to project the success of a campaign. Have a contingency plan and ensure that your team can adapt quickly and flexibly. Continue reading