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Journalism: An era of continuous change

The other day in class at Flagler College, we talked about the future of journalism. My favorite website on the topic is the Nieman Journalism Lab. It is essential reading for anyone interested in the future of journalism.

I reviewed some of my favorite passages from recent Nieman Journalism Lab posts about journalism, education and the future.

Eric Newton

Eric Newton, senior adviser to the president of the Knight Foundation, put the media environment into perspective. He wrote:

We’ve entered an era of continuous change. Did you change last year? You’re a year behind. Did you go digital in 2002? You’re a decade behind.
…smartphones are not a fad. Nor is social media or the World Wide Web. They are no more “gizmo” than the printing press was. They are driving a global revolution in digital content. For the first time in human history, billions of people are walking around with digital media devices linked into a common network. Continue reading