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Assignment: How to pay for news coverage?

constitutionThe Constitution protects freedom of the press, but covering the news isn’t free.
Your writing assignment – due March 29 – is to explore ways to pay for coverage of the news and issues of public interest. The Internet and digital technology has disrupted traditional business models.
American newspapers traditionally provided most coverage of local government and community issues. But more than 40,000 people who once worked at newspapers have lost their jobs or taken buyouts since 2007. News coverage – from local to international -has diminished. Many newspapers have closed foreign bureaus. Continue reading

Future of news reporting

Screenshot from ProPublica website

Today in Introduction to Mass Communication, we’re doing to talk about social media and future of the news gathering. Links:

Questions for discussion:

  • How have digital technology and the Internet disrupted traditional news media organizations?
  • How have media organizations responded?
  • What is the role of the media in our democracy?
  • What is the driving force behind most media organizations?
  • Are for-profit business models the best way to gather and distribute news?
  • Give some examples of non-profit journalism organizations?
  • What are citizen journalists?

Download writing assignment, due Nov. 21.