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COM 208: Introduction to Mass Communication – Exam notes

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Below are notes and links to help you review for next week’s exam.

Google Glasses. What are they? How are they used?

Mass media and culture. What impact do media companies have on our culture?

Mass media, society and culture discussion points (download handout)

Media: We are what we consume. Notes are taken – in some cases verbatim – from the book, “Information Diet.” (download handout)

Data literacy. Notes are taken – in some cases verbatim – from the book, “Information Diet.”  (download handout)

Kony 2012. What is it? How is it working out? Lessons learned. Impact of social networks. P.R. crisis management. Criticism of Kony 2012: Visible Children.

Press freedom. See link here. What countries are most dangerous for journalists? What websites contain information about the killings of journalists around the world?

Advertising. See link here.

Twitter, public relations and damage control. See link here.

COM 208: Midterm exam

Below are links to some of the topics we have discussed in Introduction to Mass Communication. Please review these before our midterm exam at 9 a.m. on Feb. 22.