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Music festivals and photography

dsc4487One of my former students, Phil Sunkel, turned his passion for photography and music festivals into a webzine called Hype-mag. He calls it “a gateway into the music world for very hard working photographers.”
Sunkel is a talented photographer and his latest batch of photos caught my eye. They feature Dark Star Orchestra, the country’s premier Grateful Dead tribute band. Its members include my cousin, Rob Eaton, above. Continue reading

Light reflectors: A cheap alternative to flash

I brought a 5-in-1 light reflector set to photojournalism class and we experimented with it in the parking lot behind the Communication Building at Flagler College. I haven’t used reflectors and I was anxious to try them out.
Student Phil Sunkel, an accomplished photographer, was a great help and showed everyone how the semitransparent or translucent reflector could be used to diffuse the bright sunlight. I mistakenly tried to use it to reflect light at one point. Sunkel spotted that and said “that’s the opposite of what” that one is supposed to do.
Then we started using a gold-colored reflector and saw instantly what a great tool it can be. It worked even better than fill flash to light up two back-lit subjects, Angela Biggs and Victoria Choeff. Continue reading